A Shoe For a Cause

If you’re a Jeffrey Campbell fanatic like most of the world, you know what this is.  The Margo is our latest best seller that has become the essential shoe for the Campbell Collector.  Not only is it hard to find, this spiky take on the ballerina flat (that actually comes with a warning to handle the spikes with caution) is giving back to the world in all sorts of ways.  In addition to the warning slip, this shoe also comes with information about Margo Gignac, the shoe’s namesake.  Margo is a twenty year old former ballerina who was left a quadriplegic after a bad car accident.  Working alongside helphopelive.org (on which you can find out all about Margo), ALL proceeds from the shoe go to helphopelive’s effort to raise money for Margo’s recovery.  Check out the website for more info, and raise a glass to Jeffrey Campbell for creating a hot shoe with an incredible message.

Now available at all David Z locations and via our website, Davidz.com


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